Decision to GO VEGAN




My decision has been based on several layers of beliefs as well as some scientific evidence.

After years of struggling with food allergies and trying many other “diets” it finally made sense to become completely vegan.

The whole idea of becoming vegan seemed far-fetched to me. After struggling with years of stomach pains, hormonal issues and other minor health concerns I started thinking, maybe meat and dairy were not helping.

My busy lifestyle rarely left time for proper eating. Little did I know that you can’t get any faster than grabbing a piece of fruit or some veggies on the run!

These struggles led me to a naturopath, blood work and other testing. I then discovered I had hormone imbalances as well as the fact I was eating food regularly (mainly lots of dairy) that I was highly allergic or sensitive to.  No wonder I felt sick, tired, had headaches regularly as well as stomach pains.

The first diet I tried after this discovery was The Hormone Diet. I found it incredibly helpful except for one part. The amount of rice that is consumed. The belly pains continued until I tested with my naturopath again and determined I was sensitive to rice too!

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Then one night, while at home I was surfing online on my usual favourite animal websites (I am an extreme animal lover) and I found the You Tube video “From Farm to Fridge.” It took me five tries to get through the video and I still didn’t watch it to the end. My tears blurred the images, however they were burned into my brain and I became vegan over night.

I could no longer say I was an animal lover, but continue to participate in the sheer madness that happens on factory farms. I have also been a long time environmental enthusiast so veganism became the right fit for me.



I have only taken Advil three times in six months (I used to take it almost daily), have not been sick or had as many of my old issues. Not to mention my hormones are now in better balance.

The first 3-4 days were filled with severe headaches, however my body was transitioning from eating toxins regularly to only extremely clean items.

I have run into many skeptics on my vegan journey.

The most typical things I hear are:

Where do you get your protein?  You know your hair will fall out if you are not getting enough protein? It hasn’t been proven that a vegan lifestyle is healthy! We need meat to survive! Fruit has too much sugar! Fruit causes diabetes!

Well I have answers for all of the above and if they were all true why have I never felt better, had clearer skin, felt happier, had less stress and the list goes on.

For more information I recommend the following to start:

Forks Over Knives Documentary

Crazy Sexy Diet

Video by Dr. Colin Campbell

Video – Farm to Fridge

Earthlings Documentary

Meat the Truth Documentary


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