One year a vegan

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December 5, 2012 marked my one year vegan anniversary! When I became a vegan I did not attach a goal to it such as a 30 day trial, 6  months or a year. I knew it would be my new way of life. I have been asked several times when will I go back to eating meat and dairy and I can say I don’t think I ever will.

*header image is of a raw vegan lasagna I made.

For me, being a vegan isn’t just about what I eat. It is about spirituality and when I say I am vegan what it really means is that I live a life of non violence. Not only do I not eat animal products, but I don’t put them on my skin, wear them, or use them for entertainment. Gone are the days of leather coats, trips to Sea World and cherry cheesecake.

In RETURN my life is filled with love, an abundance of delicious food with unlimited recipe possibilities, clothing that does not harm others and still looks great, and fun with family and friends that does not contribute to the suffering of other beings.

I have never once felt like I have sacrificed anything but feel I have gained so much. Veganism doesn’t have to be about restriction. It can be achieved easily in today’s world and it brings such enjoyment.

I have met so many great new people on my vegan journey, who have all been welcoming, open and supportive.

I feel a greater sense of peace knowing that I am not intentionally putting suffering, pain and anxiety into my own body by consuming animals that felt pain leading up to and during their death. I feel more peaceful knowing that each day I make a difference. Each day I save an animal and help our planet by not contributing to the 51% of green house gasses caused by animal agriculture. I have an increased sense of awareness for others, all creatures and nature.

I truly believe life is not ours to take. There is no way that I can be at peace if I’m contributing to pain and suffering of other beings, human and non human.  We are all given space on the earth and I wish to respect the space of all beings and the natural order of our planet.

I have become a big advocate of animals.  I believe that all animals are equal. To me, there is no difference between a dog and a pig. They both feel pain, love and the warmth of the sunshine on their backs. It is unfair for me, to love one and kill the other.

I am not interested in casting stones to non vegans. I have learned that we are all on our own paths in life. We can and should all get along and work together to make our world a better place. I like to encourage awareness, education and an open mind.



















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