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Hey there, I'm Cassandra.


I'm your kitchen, bath and home BFF. Here to help you plan and either execute or oversee your project with award-winning strategies that get results. 






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Renovations are stressful, and I want to help make them easier. After years of experience, making errors myself and watching others make mistakes, I built these courses from scratch, based on my own proven processes. They are easy, practical, and offer tangible tips to drive results for homeowners at any budget, and any scale. 



A successful design & renovation project must

Nail the design

Don't miss details.

Meet the Budget

Keep your project on budget with knowledge and the right plan.

Stay on Schedule

Keep your project on schedule and be a priority.

Avoid mistakes

Keep from making costly and stressful mistakes.

The Classroom

My series of courses for homeowners include

Video Lessons

Learn the do's and don'ts to make your renovation a success.

Checklists & Worksheets

Downloadable and editable worksheets and checklists.


Insider access to our live Q&A calls.


As a design and renovation industry leader I am known as the Queen of details. Obsessed with the technical side of what makes great design, I’m here to empower you to be the boss of your project, wether you plan to hire a team of pros or DIY.

With 300+ design & renovations under my belt and a client satisfaction rate of over 96%, I am sharing my expert secrets and processes so that you can ditch the stress, stop wasting money and just say NO to design mistakes.


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Uplevel your design & renovation projects

Free Guides to get you started.

Aligning with your spouse or project partner is a key part of making sure you're not causing unnecessary stress to your kitchen, bathroom or home renovation project. I want for you and your partner to LOVE tackling your project together & be in total alignment.

I believe that clutter contributes to pain points while operating in your space and is such a source of frustration among couples & families. I'm sharing 3 of my favourite ways to keep your kitchen a little less cluttered and filled with more counter space and joy!

The truth is most people are not sure how to set a budget for their kitchen, bath or home renovation. They know they have x amount to spend, but having x amount does not mean the project will cost that. Learn more in this free guide.

What others are saying

"I know Cassandra to be an expert in kitchen, bath and home design and construction. She has been recognized as an industry leader and top innovator. I am confident that her courses will save homeowners from missing the details, helping them to save time, money and to better enjoy the process of renovating or building their homes."

Kelsey Matheson, Entrepreneur
New York, U.S.A

"Cassandra is a proven expert in the kitchen, bath and home industry. She has a gift for space, and an extreme eye for detail that when combined create extraordinary results. I can’t believe she’s sharing her coveted expert tips and personally developed processes through these courses. I know that this content will drastically help homeowners to have less stress during the design, estimating and building phase of their projects."

Ashley Osmar, Former Building Official
Ontario, Canada

"Cassandra is a clear expert. We used her systems for detailed drawings & renovation planning for a high-end, large whole home makeover that we worked on together and it made the construction phase smoother for the homeowner and the construction team. Her unique approach that put the details in place before construction began and was paramount in saving the homeowner from a build up of extras and time during the construction phase. We appreciated how thorough the drawings, specifications and scope of work was. "

Eric Johnson, Johnson Custom Homes
Michigan, USA

"After attending the course we learned how to obtain a good contractor who is reliable, cost effective, and works in a timely manner which is especially important when dealing with a budget. It made us think beyond the basics of choosing colour and the latest style. It helped us to do it once and do it right."

The Jackson's
Ontario, Canada

"Cassandras processes for design and planning are the most detailed I have seen in my 30 year career."

Home Builder
Ontario, Canada

"We attended a previous in-person kitchen & bath educational seminar with Cassandra and were glad we did. We recommend taking these courses before embarking on a new build or renovation project to get perspective on the many details that go into a successful project."

Tracey & Ken
Ontario, Canada

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This is where I share mini lessons, design inspiration, how-to info, insider tips and trends, and behind the scenes look at my work, and life as an entrepreneur.

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. 

Hellen Keller said it best. With every purchase of my courses and products you are helping me to give and for that, I thank you with all my heart. Your purchases will help disperse funds to the following charities. 

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I'm Cassandra Nordell

Your kitchen, bath and home BFF. Here to help you plan and either execute or oversee your project with award-winning strategies that get results. 

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