A letter to my husband

marriage Nov 12, 2020

A few years ago we attended a celebration of life for our friend John. He was the Dad of my childhood friend. He was a close friend to my parents. Maybe friend isn't even the right word. He felt like family. 

I reflect back often on some of the things his family shared during his celebration of life. 3 things stand out, and babe, they make me think of you because this is the kind of man, and Dad that you are. 

1. Our friend, John's first born stood before all of us and told the story about starting his business and how it was scary and he went to his Dad and asked for help. He said, but Dad, what if I mess it all up and lose everything. John replied "I've got you." 

2. John's second born then stood up to share his memories and love for his dad. The one thing he said that pieced my soul was this. "He put us first, that was his thing."

3. The next person who got up to speak was a long-time family friend, Dennis. He told us all the stories that him and John had over their lifetime as friends and how we all spent our days boating, on the lake, and living at the marina in the summers. Dennis told us about how John once said - Dennis, I would follow you anywhere, and Dennis finished with, "oh how I wish that were true."

This celebration and the stories touched my soul and have stayed with me. We're all lucky to have had a friend like John who spent his days making us all laugh, and caring for his friends and family. 

Today I had a message come on my heart for you, my husband.

I know that you're the Dad that will one day look at our son and say, "I've got you." I know it to be true that you put him first, and that's your thing. And babe, I will follow you anywhere. 

When I look back to my favourite moments and my favourite places, you led me there. You are filled with so much goodness and I see why God put us together. We make the best team when we come together as our true, whole, authentic selves. I am so grateful to be on this journey with you. 



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