She is Home

wholeness Jan 11, 2021

She is Home. 

She is wild. 

She is a breath of fresh air. Flowing water.

A drop of freedom lives here, in her.

She embodies courage and strength, but also tenderness and warmth. 

Her sweet air smells like magic and lights my soul on fire. Being in her presence brings me home, to me. 

Meeting her for the first time felt like meeting me. The real me, the one who lives inside. 

We stepped foot onto this place, looked at each other, and told our real estate agent immediately, we'll take it. We want to sign the paperwork today. She, became ours. 

God is present in this place. In the materials that makes up the building, in the flowing water that gives us life, in the earth that holds it all together, in the trees that give us oxygen. 

She is the first place I felt home. Whenever I am away from her, and feel sadness, loss of hope or stress, I close my eyes and transport myself back to her, and it brings me home. Time and again I am reminded to declare my love for her, fight for her, and to hold my peace. 

Can a place, invoke these feelings? I know it to be true. I feel her energy, and trust it.

I believe in signs, and her number means: You are being reminded to be fearless in your undertakings. Your guardian angels are asking you to lead your life to the direction that you want. It reminds you that dreams don’t have to stay dreams because you have the power to make them a reality. Your guardian angels think it’s finally time for you to find the one passion that will define you. It’s now time to find your purpose in life and why you were sent on this earth.

I started writing here, with her. I started letting go, here with her. Held by her presence and all that she represents. God is present in this place. 


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