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Maximizing Space

bathroom kitchen Jun 11, 2020

Did you know that a qualified designer can help increase your home’s storage and useable countertop space, and improve your workflow without making the room itself any bigger? Of course, removing a wall or creating an addition can add to potential storage space, but optimizing the space you already have can drastically improve how you behave within your home.


I’ve always believed that good design can change the way people live, and that clutter, colour and organization can greatly affect your mood and productivity within a space.

William Standen Co. utilizes an advanced design process that allows us to increase our clients’ cabinetry storage and the linear footage of countertop space by up to 60 percent!

With minimalism and organized spaces currently being on-trend, we wanted to share our top tips for maximizing the efficiency of your space to help improve the way you feel about your home.


Simply changing the layout of your cabinetry, without...

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