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Luxury Details

fixtures kitchen Jun 10, 2020
May 23, 2018

by Cassandra Nordell

Designing your dream, super luxe kitchen? A lot of precision and detail goes into making the difference between the average kitchen and one that makes you say “wow” when you first see it. Here are some of my favourite luxury goods to work into your new kitchen design this year.

Coffee, elevated to the highest level

Enjoy barista-style coffee — with or without a shot or two of espresso — right at home. Whether for yourself or your guests, you can brew robust coffees and incredible cappuccinos or lattes on demand, refined to anyone’s taste with Jenn­Air’s built in machine. Not only will you be brewing up the best coffee in town, the machine is easy to use and to take care of.

Galley sink

Take your meal preparation as well as clean up to new heights. Galley sinks, which come in sizes from 0.6 metres to 1.8 m wide and will revolutionize the way you work around your kitchen sink. Interchange built in cutting...

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