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Is your home making you sick?

green home home kitchen May 17, 2020

When homeowners think of taking on a major kitchen, bath or whole home renovation they may not be considering the impact that this may have on their health, the community and our environment. In 2010, I set out for William Standen Co. to be a green design and renovation company. At this time, none of the clients coming through our doors that were surveyed particularly cared about green products. Nevertheless I knew the importance of specifying healthy products.


Today, green is gaining much more recognition, yet not many people are specifically asking for such products. Here are 3 products you need to know about and why it’s important that they’re green.



According to the Canadian Lung Association website and furniture and cabinetry containing formaldehyde through components such as particleboard and glues, can contribute to illness.


A cabinet can off-gas for 30 days, or years depending on how it’s made. The paint or stain...

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