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Maximizing Space

bathroom kitchen Jun 11, 2020

Did you know that a qualified designer can help increase your home’s storage and useable countertop space, and improve your workflow without making the room itself any bigger? Of course, removing a wall or creating an addition can add to potential storage space, but optimizing the space you already have can drastically improve how you behave within your home.


I’ve always believed that good design can change the way people live, and that clutter, colour and organization can greatly affect your mood and productivity within a space.

William Standen Co. utilizes an advanced design process that allows us to increase our clients’ cabinetry storage and the linear footage of countertop space by up to 60 percent!

With minimalism and organized spaces currently being on-trend, we wanted to share our top tips for maximizing the efficiency of your space to help improve the way you feel about your home.


Simply changing the layout of your cabinetry, without...

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Luxury Details

fixtures kitchen Jun 10, 2020
May 23, 2018

by Cassandra Nordell

Designing your dream, super luxe kitchen? A lot of precision and detail goes into making the difference between the average kitchen and one that makes you say “wow” when you first see it. Here are some of my favourite luxury goods to work into your new kitchen design this year.

Coffee, elevated to the highest level

Enjoy barista-style coffee — with or without a shot or two of espresso — right at home. Whether for yourself or your guests, you can brew robust coffees and incredible cappuccinos or lattes on demand, refined to anyone’s taste with Jenn­Air’s built in machine. Not only will you be brewing up the best coffee in town, the machine is easy to use and to take care of.

Galley sink

Take your meal preparation as well as clean up to new heights. Galley sinks, which come in sizes from 0.6 metres to 1.8 m wide and will revolutionize the way you work around your kitchen sink. Interchange built in cutting...

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Personality in your Kitchen

kitchen May 17, 2020

Add personality to your kitchen with these key design ingredients


The kitchen is the heart of the home, and over 70% of Canadian families spend the majority of their time while inside, in their kitchen. More and more people are opting out of having a formal dining room, and are enlarging their kitchen space. Whether by removing a wall between an existing dining room and the kitchen to make for one large space, or designing a new home with a large kitchen, eat-in island, an incorporated table and possible a banquette.

Meal prep, entertaining, homework, watching TV, sorting the mail and even growing fresh herbs are today’s most common kitchen activities. With a plethora of activity happening around the kitchen, it is essential to love your space and make it your own. I don’t always advise clients to go by the latest trends. If you’re planning on staying in your home long-term, do what’s right for you. If you love colour, then go for the bold. You need...

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Summer Reno Survival Tips

Summer renovation survival tips:


With the warmer weathers comes a surge in interior and exterior home renovations. Tackling a kitchen, bath or whole home renovation can be easier to live through in the summer while taking advantage of time spent outdoors.


Each contractor will have different timelines for completing renovations based on your scope of work. At William Standen Co. our kitchen renovations can take from 9-12 weeks for complete gut jobs. Whole home renovations span 12-16 weeks. 

Set up guidelines with your contractor and/or designer so that they know what you expect of them. Perhaps you would like to schedule bi-weekly or weekly on site check in’s to review the progress. Or you may prefer weekly email progress updates. Setting up these guidelines and boundaries will ease both your and your professional experts minds during your project.

Aside from the proper guidelines and expectations, here are some summer renovation survival tips that you can...

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Is your home making you sick?

green home home kitchen May 17, 2020

When homeowners think of taking on a major kitchen, bath or whole home renovation they may not be considering the impact that this may have on their health, the community and our environment. In 2010, I set out for William Standen Co. to be a green design and renovation company. At this time, none of the clients coming through our doors that were surveyed particularly cared about green products. Nevertheless I knew the importance of specifying healthy products.


Today, green is gaining much more recognition, yet not many people are specifically asking for such products. Here are 3 products you need to know about and why it’s important that they’re green.



According to the Canadian Lung Association website and furniture and cabinetry containing formaldehyde through components such as particleboard and glues, can contribute to illness.


A cabinet can off-gas for 30 days, or years depending on how it’s made. The paint or stain...

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Creating colour in the kitchen

kitchen May 16, 2020

The ongoing kitchen craze is to create all white kitchens. Colour creates emotion and can do amazing things for the kitchen. When you walk into your kitchen, the right colour can aid in feeling at home. Whether is a big dose, such as cabinetry, or a small amount, like home décor items, adding colour to the kitchen is key to the success of the overall look and feel.

Since cabinetry can account for up to sixty percent of a kitchens surface, adding colour here will make a dramatic impact. I love two-tone kitchens, when done properly. When adding colour to my design projects, I ensure that the chosen colour has been a long-time favourite of the client. If it’s a colour that they only recently started liking, it may not work for them long term.

You need to absolutely love the colour, if you’re going to make a large investment in new cabinetry, and choose a colour vs. white or a neutral. For example, a recent client expressed their all-time favourite was green, and it...

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