I believe that good design can change the way you live, and that by deploying the right systems and processes, you can achieve a truly enjoyable journey with first-class results on any kitchen and bath renovation or new home design and build project.

The Kitchen Course


This online course will take your ideas to fruition and ensure smooth sailing along the way. Go at your own pace using my expert secrets complete with workbooks, checklists and easy-to-follow systems.

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The Bathroom Course


Building a project plan takes skill and there are a million little details to consider when embarking on a bathroom design & renovation project. Put my award-winning processes in your hands and reap the rewards of proven results.

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The Kitchen & Bath Course


If you're looking to take on a kitchen and a bathroom project, this course is for you! It offers all of the same goodies as the individual courses but you take advantage of big savings when you buy the combo. 

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The courses are for you if:

These courses were designed for homeowners just like you out of a deep desire to give you an abundance of expert resources, complex systems broken down into easy-to-follow check lists, work books and prompts you to ask the right questions of yourself, and your project professionals. 

You plan to hire professionals

Hiring a design build firm, a general contractor, a home builder, trades, an interior designer and other professionals? This course was 1000% designed for you! Want to ensure positive relationships? I'll show you how, as well as how to take ownership of your project so that you feel empowered versus helpless over the details, management and results. Hiring pro's is not a reason for the homeowner to check out, I will show you how-to lean in, reduce stress, oversee without hovering and help you to love your project.

You want to DIY

If you have the skillset to DIY your kitchen or bathroom renovation but need some direction in how exactly to get from A to Z in an effective, organized, and joyful way then this course was made for you! From getting the design right to managing all the selections, details, budgets and more you will leave this course feeling like you're in control of the outcome of your project and you'll be patting yourself on the back and raising a glass to toast to your success without all the headaches that come from DIY'ing.

A combination

Perhaps you want to handle the project management yourself and hire certified trades. Regardless of whether you are renovating or building new, doing it yourself or hiring pros, or doing a combination of both, my extensive processes, workbooks, checklists, video lessons and question prompts have your back.  Want to feel confident, stay within your budget goals, not missing important details and actually have fun when designing and renovation your kitchen or planning one for your new kitchen? You've got this and I am here to cheer you on!

Why learn with Cassandra?

With over 300 bathroom design and renovations as well as new home building projects completed with a client satisfaction rate of over 96%, the experience of building two design & construction based businesses from scratch, having taken home countless design awards and having her work featured on TV and in international publications, Cassandra has proven herself a leader in this industry. Now, for the first time ever she is revealing her own systems and processes that she personally developed, and putting them in your hands so that you can be the boss of your project. 

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Kelsey Matheson, New York U.S.A

I know Cassandra to be an expert in kitchen, bath and home design and construction. She has been recognized as an industry leader and top innovator. I am confident that her courses will save homeowners from missing the details, helping them to save time, money and to better enjoy the process of renovating or building their homes.

The courses include

Video Lessons

Learn the do's and don'ts to make your renovation a success.

Checklists & Worksheets

Downloadable and editable worksheets and checklists.


Insider access to our live Q&A calls.

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Years ago I wrote a big giant "MAKE IT MATTER" on a glass board in my office and it is still there today. It reminds me that everything we do, can have an impact for the betterment of our community and planet. Every course purchased will help to disperse funds to the followings charities:

Racial Injustice Organizations | Women's Interval Homes | Children's hospitals | Mental Health Support | Trees Canada

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