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Let's face it, 30% of homeowners exceed their budget by more than 50%. An even higher percentage is not satisfied with the end result of their design. I want to stop this madness, help you get it right and protect your investment.


The Kitchen Design & Renovation Course

I'm handing over my expert processes and step by step systems that I developed over 15 years of experience and have used on over 300 kitchen projects. The exact blueprint that my team and I use to get kitchen concepts, all the way through to completed living spaces.

Imagine if you could


✔️not be part of the 30% of homeowners that exceed their budget 

✔️be aligned with your partner and enjoy the design & renovation process

✔️have all of your ducks in a row, compiled in a organized binder with systems that work

✔️choose the materials that hold up to your family's wear & tear

✔️understand who and how to hire trades or pros

✔️have all of your storage dreams come true and not have to run to your basement for flour

✔️have cabinetry that is as functional as it is striking, and avoid malfunctions

✔️get the design right and not have regrets

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A successful project must

Nail the Design

Don't miss the details that result in design flaws once you're in the space.

Meet the Budget

Meeting the budget comes from having a budget and following the right plan.

Stay on Schedule

Keep your project on schedule to keep worries down and your life in your home back on track!

Avoid Mistakes

Keep from making costly and stressful mistakes by planning ahead.

Who is this course for

These courses were designed for homeowners just like you out of a deep desire to give you an abundance of expert resources, complex systems broken down into easy-to-follow check lists, work books and prompts you to ask the right questions of yourself, and your project professionals. 

Hire Professionals

Hiring a design build firm, a general contractor, a home builder, trades, an interior designer and other professionals? This course was 1000% designed for you! Want to ensure positive relationships? I'll show you how, as well as how to take ownership of your project so that you feel empowered versus helpless over the details, management and results. Hiring pro's is not a reason for the homeowner to check out, I will show you how-to lean in, reduce stress, oversee without hovering and help you to love your project. This is your priject

Do it Yourself

If you have the skillset to DIY your kitchen renovation but need some direction in how exactly to get from A to Z in an effective, organized, and joyful way then this course was made for you! From getting the design right to managing all the selections, details, budgets and more you will leave this course feeling like you're in control of the outcome of your project and you'll be patting yourself on the back and raising a glass to toast to your success without all the headaches that come from DIY'ing.

A combination

Perhaps you want to handle the project management yourself and hire certified trades.Regardless of whether you are renovating or building new, doing it yourself or hiring pros, or doing a combination of both, my extensive processes, workbooks, checklists, video lessons and question prompts have your back.  Want to feel confident, stay within your budget goals, not missing important details and actually have fun when designing and renovation your kitchen or planning one for your new kitchen? You've got this and I am here to cheer you on!

What if you already...

Have a design?

Did you go through dozens of questions about your family’s needs and requirements? Make a list of important items you need access to? Did you check the items to make sure they fit in the new space? Have you already made the 100+ selections for your project or will it show up as an extra cost during the renovation? If you think I’m joking about the number of selections and decisions you need to make, I will guarantee you that you’re about to add time, money and rushed last minute decisions to your plate, without taking the course.

Have a contractor?

You can pair yourself with the greatest contractor but without the right system it can be a terrible and expensive experience for you. This is about your system and how you want your renovation to go. There are a ton of little details and gaps that can add up quickly, adding to your stress. Take responsibility for your emotional well-being during your project by educating and preparing yourself.

Empower yourself.

Free your head from the millions of details, I’ve done the leg work for you. Now my processes, checklists, guides & prompts that will walk you through the selection and execution stages of your project are at your fingertips.


I always say that any amount of money that you want to invest into your home is significant. These courses will help to protect your investment by helping you to set, follow and stick to your budget, get the design right so that it is as functional as it is striking, help you choose the right materials not based solely on good looks, but on function & durability, and show you how to oversee or execute the renovation (or new home planning) for your kitchen project so that you can take the lead and have confidence. Being a leader does not mean you have to do everything yourself, it means you value education and the tools inside this course to empower you, your family and any pros you hire so that you are all in alignment working towards results. Now that my friend is a win win. 

+ get instant access to my exact project blueprint

+ instant access to video lessons, checklists and workbooks

+ full access to course updates

+ put 90+ pages of easy to follow check lists & workbooks to use


Yes! Please show me how to protect my investment

Why learn how to tackle your kitchen design & renovation with Cassandra?

With over 300 kitchen design and renovations as well as new home building projects completed with a client satisfaction rate of over 96%, the experience of building two design & construction based businesses from scratch, having taken home countless design awards and having her work featured on TV and in international publications, Cassandra has proven herself a leader in this industry. Now, for the first time ever she is revealing her own systems and processes that she personally developed, and putting them in your hands so that you can be the boss of your project. 

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What's inside the course

Project Fundamentals

Knowing where and how to start the project is the first step. Should you have a contractor come first? Should you start with a cabinet design? Inside this module we will go through setting initial budgets before you have anyone come out, or spend weeks doing through layouts with a cabinet shop. We will address the facts of what can go wrong if you don't follow a strategic plan, and what to do instead so that you do not become part of the majority of homeowners that go over budget, and are dissatisfied with the results, often after a stressful journey.  

The Kitchen Design Process

This course is not to reach you how to be a designer, because well that is a four-year degree program. What it will do is teach you how to lead, how to get your design right, how to make sure your storage needs are met and that your kitchen is uber functional. Anyone can make a kitchen look great. A high-functioning kitchen is another thing! We will go over gathering inspo and what not to do. Understanding the difference between a cabinet layout and a proper design, the most common mistakes (that even the pro's make), not so common things that get overlooked and result in functionality flaws, storage flaws, plumbing and electrical considerations, selections and material deep dives! You wont have to visit 15 showrooms once you've taken this course and you will save an a tremedous amount of time.

Estimating your Project

Inside the estimating phase I will teach you how to take the lead and not put all of the responsibility onto others. This phase is a key component to managing your own expectations, your budget, and the outcome of the project. Skipping this phase leads to stress and being overly optimistic that other people such as trades will get your numbers in order for you. Learn how to obtain quotes that are accurate and how to price your project so you can stick to your budget, and stop stress in its tracks. We will also review how to hire the right teammates in this section and what to look for. 

Executing your Renovation

Ever wondered who you need to work on your project, who to hire and how to oversee their work? Have you pondered what should be covered under written warranty, or what to expect during the renovation? Or perhaps you're wondering how to have an amazing relationship with your contractor and trades because you've heard those renovation nightmare stories. A breakdown in the communication and relationship with the people that homeowners hire, is often a big contributor to stress, arguments and sleepless nights. When it comes to contracts, I will walk you through what to watch out for, and what to make sure is included. Cozy up because my complex systems have been transformed into oh-so easy to follow check lists that will leave you sleeping soundly during the execution phase of your project, and help to create lasting relationships with those you hire to work on your renovation.

Have burning questions?


There are a lot of things to iron out and guess what, there are even more things to consider than what you think. But first, congrats on being here because you've taken the first step in making sure you get this right! Inside the courses you will get tangible, practical information to put into practice and you'll find answers to things like:

➖Do I start by having a contractor come to the house as a first step (sneak peek, the answer is usually no btw).

➖How do I even set a budget?

➖I have X amount to spend, so that is my budget right? (no, sorry).

➖Will I hurt the resale value of my home?

➖There are 1500 cabinet materials samples, which is right for me?

➖How do I vet and hire the right trades?

➖How can I make sure the work is being done right?

➖What should be covered under warranty? 

➖How can I manage construction extras and track the project?

➖What do you think a good timeframe is for the project completion? 

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When you purchase the course today you will get instant access to:


24 video lessons

➕90+ pages of work books that have been strategically laid out so that they are useable and not overwhelming

3+ hours of lessons that you can go at your own pace and complete in a day, or over several weeks 

EXCLUSIVE access to Q&A group calls with Cassandra

My Expert Secrets and proven systems that have resulted in over 300 projects being completed with a client satisfaction rate of over 96%

BONUS: What to expect during your project guide

BONUS: Apres renovation guide


That's a incredible value of over $2,500.00


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Combine my signature kitchen AND bathroom design and renovation courses and get the best bang for your buck at only $297 for the combo deal!


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If I were able to work with you one-on-one my team and I would personally walk you through my proven systems from start to finish. Since I'm offering this digitally, and teaching you so that you can go at your own pace, on your own schedule, I am able to drop the price way down!  

My dream is be able to help as many of you as possible. I want to save you from stress, empower you to spend more time doing what you love versus worrying about the project details, and I want you to just say no to rushed decisions and bad design. Take it from me, the truth is most homeowners don't know they design flaws, or budget extras until it's too late. 

Get ready to feel like you are in the driver's seat of your project whether you are going this alone (a.k.a the DIY renovation route), or you are hiring a team of contractors, trades and professionals. 

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How it works

If you’re anything like me, you want to make the right choices but you don’t want to spend weeks and months in an online course you’ll never get through. Hey you’re busy, I get it. You want to renovate, not become a university student. I designed this specifically for busy parents, professionals and home lovers who want to get their kitchen and bath projects done right and on-time. I will give you simple and easy to follow check lists and systems that will help you to make decisions, align with your spouse, set your budget and be the leader of your project so that you can spend your time how you choose versus stressing over your reno. 

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Once you've purchased the course, you will get an email with information on how to log in and get started. 

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You will be able to log into the course and see your library if you've purchased more than one course. You will neatly organized video lessons & downloads.

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Go at your own pace and make your way through the lessons. You will be able to put it to practice instantly!

What others are saying


Kelsey Matheson, New York U.S.A

I know Cassandra to be an expert in kitchen, bath and home design and construction. She has been recognized as an industry leader and top innovator. I am confident that her courses will save homeowners from missing the details, helping them to save time, money and to better enjoy the process of renovating or building their homes.

Ashley Osmar, Former Building Official

Cassandra is a proven expert in the kitchen, bath and home industry.  I can’t believe she’s sharing her coveted expert tips and personally developed processes through these courses. I know that this content will drastically help homeowners to have less stress during the design, estimating and building phase of their projects..

Tracey & Ken, Ontario Canada

We attended a previous in-person kitchen & bath educational seminar with Cassandra and were glad we did. We recommend taking these courses before embarking on a new build or renovation project to get perspective on the many details that go into a successful project.


Home Builder, Ontario Canada

Cassandras processes for design and planning are the most detailed I have seen in my 30 year career.





Jacksons, Ontario Canada

After attending the course we learned how to obtain a good contractor who is reliable, cost effective, and works in a timely manner which is especially important when dealing with a budget. It made us think beyond the basics of choosing colour and the latest style. It helped us to do it once and do it right.

Eric Johnson, Home Builder, Michigan U.S.A

Cassandra is a clear expert. We used her systems for detailed drawings & renovation planning for a high-end, large whole home makeover that we worked on together and it made the construction phase smoother for the homeowner and the construction team. Her unique approach that put the details in place before construction began and was paramount in saving the homeowner from a build up of extras and time during the construction phase. We appreciated how thorough the drawings, specifications and scope of work was.

Kitchen Design + Renovation Course

$197.00 CAD

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Still contemplating your project? Trust me when I say that planning well in advance is the best thing you can do for your stress levels, that of your family members, and anyone that is involved in the project. Even if your project is a year out, you will benefit so much from the extensive information in this course and it will help you decide when, and how to do your project and allow you to make an informed decision before jumping in. 

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

Hellen Keller said it best. Your purchases of my courses and products help me to give back, and for that I thank you from the depths of my soul. 

Every course purchased will help to disperse funds to the followings charities. 

Racial Injustice Organizations

Women's Interval Homes

Children's hospitals

Mental Health Support

Trees Canada

Seriously, don't miss out on this pricing and wealth of information that will guide you through your project with my unparalleled processes. 

Kitchen Course


limited time offer!

  • The fundamentals: The facts on what goes wrong, setting budgets & how to start.
  • The design process
  • Design functionality deep dive
  • Storage planning deep dive
  • Materials deep dive
  • Project blueprint deep dive
  • The estimating phase: obtaining quotes and how to find the right teammates
  • The renovation phase
  • Project execution check list
  • Bonuses: what to expect during your renovation guide, and an apres project guide
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Kitchen & Bath Full Courses

$297 limited time offer

Best savings!

Combine my signature kitchen AND bathroom design and renovation courses and get the best bang for your buck at only $297 for the combo deal!

  • The fundamentals
  • The design process
  • The estimating phase
  • The renovation phase
  • The deep dives
  • The bonuses
  • All the same great content as the individual courses, combined into one package!
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